how to write a songFor many learning how to write song is not so much the issue. However, learning how to find the problems in the songs they do write, is a valuable tool. To start with, new songwriters should just write lots of songs.

The best goal is to write 100 songs. Sometimes beginning songwriters need to write a lot of songs to find what isn’t working and figure out how to get them working better. And this is often difficult to do on your own, which is why looking to outside sources can be most helpful.

Take a song that you’ve written that you know isn’t quite right and consider why it is, what’s the problem? Is it interesting? Is it flat and without color? Eighty percent of the time it is a music issue that is related to one of the following most common faults in amateur songwriting:

  1. Lack of tension and release.
  2. Incorrect movement of the melody in the various parts of the song
  3. Musical punctuation/ phasing of the melody.

A successful song writer does not have these issues because he innately knows how to fix them. It is possible to learn about these issues and how to fix them and how to write a song well. There are many great books that will help to revise and understand the problems in your songs. Addressing these three issues alone regarding the music will make a song much better and easier to listen to.

The solution is to learn the basics that you absolutely need to know.


  1. Chord progressions and what to use where and what chords follows what. Learn which chords that are not in the key of the song are available to add tension. Learn how to add tension with sevenths etc.
  2. How melody moves in verses and choruses.
  3. How to punctuate a melody

Once you have mastered these three elements of how to write a song, you will have solved 80% of your problems. It’s your choice whether to go deeper into musically theory from there.

The point is, if your song lacks color and you’ve studied the use of chords in songs, you will know where you need to add a bit of tension. You will know there is a choice of usually two chords, other than the basic one you have used, to do it. It is then simply a matter of trying one then the next and see what the effect is.

Without an understanding of the issue of tension, you may be unaware there is a problem. If you know there is a problem but you’re not sure what is, you will not know how to fix it. In either case, you will rely on trial and error, making life hard or yourself.

In summary, the best way to start learning how to write a song is to study how chords work together. Then prepare some memory aids that will remind you which chords work with the key you have chosen and which chords you can use to add tension (that might take you an hour’s worth of work.) Several half hour lessons would be enough to cover these basic elements. Well worth the effort. And the writing should improve.

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3 Responses to “How to Write a Song When You Are a Beginner”

  • Nice post. Excellent tips here… I certainly agree that it’s so important to keep churning out songs. The only way to reach something great is to make your way through the scraps first!

    The one thing I would take issue with is “problem” number two:
    Incorrect movement of the melody.

    I believe nothing is ever incorrect in songwriting. Things may be incorrect when talking about music theory, but songwriting is totally subjective and creative. The best songs actually BREAK the rules.

    Check out my young blog all about our craft of writing songs:


  • bety:

    i want to become a song writer but i dont nowhere to start?

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