Songwriting is apparently not a linear process. In my last post I talked about starting by creating a list of possible titles and ideas. I did that but didn’t come up with anything inspiring. I got stuck again!

I Asked for Help!

I realized that I just needed a little help to get me started. The target date for writing my first song was fast approaching. (Tomorrow to be exact!) I decided to reach out and ask for help from someone I had not met before but was known to me as a professional songwriter who started later in life, just I am.

Last week I called Rosemarie Ashley of ‘Tude Vox on After reading about her journey on her website I realized that she transformed her self from a non-songwriting singer to a singer-songwriter and she is now writing professionally. I related to her desire to create meaningful and inspirational music because that is what I am working for too.

Rosemarie very graciously spent time with me on the phone and gave me tips on how to get started. I am happy to report that I now have the first draft for lyrics of my first song.

Here are some of the tips from Rosemarie:

  • There are a number of different ways to start a song.
  • Pick a subject or idea to explore and write a poem. Ask someone to write the music for it.
  • Take a piece of music that has the feeling that you want to write about and write vocals for it.
  • Listen to the music that you will be writing vocals for over and over. Start improvising melody. Get a feel for what the song is telling you, how it makes you feel.
  • Meditate on the piece
  • Listen and then set an intention, ask for guidance and listen for the answers.

The subject I picked is a pretty personal one – about a relationship that is bothering me. Here are my first attempts at the lyrics:

My First Song!

A Common Thread

© Jayne Burch 2009

Sailing in the universe
Waiting to be led
You joined me in this world
Pulled by a common thread

We sailed along together
Until it was time to fly
You pushed away, but not so far
Leaving me wonder why

Pulling me to sooth your fear
Yet yearning to be free
You push away from seeing clear
Your own life aside from me

Letting go is painful
Full of anxiety and dread
You’ve joined me in this world
Still joined by a common thread

It’s not complete, but it’s begun finally! Next step is music! My thanks to Rosemarie Ashley for being the catalyst to get me started!

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