Have you ever wonder if you have songs to write inside of you? If you’re like me you’ve experienced hearing a song playing on the radio that you relate to so much that it seems like it’s about your life and how you were feeling right then. It’s like someone put a sound track to your life.� My favorite example of that was the songs from Joni Mitchell’s Blue album. (from my codependent, “he done me wrong” period). I could put on Joni and feel some how comforted and understood. On the other hand, no one else’s songs quite express exactly what I experience and what I have to say.

I have believed for a long time that had songs to write inside of me without knowing how to go about it. Many attempts at writing, books read on theory and I have yet to finish my first song. Yet, I remain completely fascinated by songwriting and how songwriters write songs.

This blog is dedicated to bringing out the inner songwriter and story teller in everyone one who suspects they have songs to write. For everyone who has wanted to write songs or tried and gave up, we will explore everything about songwriting from where successful songwriters get their ideas for songs to write, how to write lyrics, melodies to how to get recorded or published.

Take Vermont native, Pat Kelley, Owner Operator of Kelly Automotive Sales and Services for instance. He really dabbled in songwriting for decades while running his business in Vermont. It was a chance meeting with Nashville songwriting giant, Bucky Jones (Eight #1 hits and 25 Top 10 hits since 1975) that gave him the catalyst to really encourage him write songs in a big way.

Kelley was interviewed by Robert Smith in his weekly blog about Vermont and New Hampshire. He tells his story of meeting Bucky Jones and how he came to be a featured songwriter on the Nashville’s America’s New Artists Tour. Pat says he gave a tape of his songs to Bucky Jones to listen with the understanding that he would get honest feedback and coaching.

Jones liked the songs enough to encourage him to keep writing and even proposed songs to write together. To date they have written 20 songs together and Kelley will have two that he has written on his own that will been recorded on the new Mike Kidd album. “That’s a remarkable feat for any songwriter – especially a new one.” Read the article about Pat Kelley and his music.

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One Response to “Everyone Has Songs to Write and a Story to Tell”

  • sheldon:

    Inspired by your blog, here is a start:

    If I had a; Song to write I would be so afraid the words would come out all wrong.
    If I had; words to say would they come out all astray? I have been so afraid!
    Would it be; lame, am I to blame?
    Would it be a sham to have no name?
    Silent; would be my voice; with out a word right or wrong.
    Silent a life with out a song:

    What is in the air the sound of music every were
    What is a song (sound) to sing? A thing; but given wing.
    Floating through the air… every, were.
    Fair: and away I would say; in the bay to day

    Air flutters and, the lofts’ the sail, and there is no mail.
    Flurries: the only tail, to tell of a far off place. (Shore)

    (From boat to rail to rail with a sail)
    From air to, rail to boat rail, a boat with a sail,

    To places yet to see and more to be
    (With events yet un-done for songs yet to (be sung) sing
    From events yet not done )
    From events yet un sung, for songs yet to sing.

    To a song; not at all wrong.

    © Sheldon F. Smith 2008

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