I’m showing you how I write songs and to maybe inspire you to write your own:)

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25 Responses to “How To Write A Song”

  • numbersareforfools:

    wow this is awesome …
    wow this is awesome. so inspiring. you have an amazing voice.

  • bravo409:

    thank you this …
    thank you this helped alot. u are very talented.

  • jennifernew21:

    Wow that’s great!! …
    Wow that’s great!! I’m so happy I could help out! :D You song sounds really good too;) Keep it up!

  • GilbertLamMusic:

    Hi again lol. I …
    Hi again lol. I just looked through the video and now I understand why I always think of a melody in head first. It’s cos you taught me to do that! It works so well. Argh you don’t understand how much this one single video has helped me so much! Words can”t express my gratification!

    P.s I’m gonna post a video response of my first song I ever wrote to you – hope you don’t mind : )


  • GilbertLamMusic:

    Jennifer -it’s you …
    Jennifer -it’s you again! You don’t know me but I looked at this video about a year ago for inspiration and I finally found this vid again. I’ve always wondered what encouraged me to start writing and I think your vid is one of the reasons. I was new to songwriting and kinda needed help and your video did that. And to that I thank you!

    Throughout the year I’ve written around 16 songs..some are uploaded onto Youtube with many more yet to come. Feel very welcome to see how I’ve progressed!

  • gooootar:

    I’m crazy about you …
    I’m crazy about you :-)

  • aprilla101:

    you look gorgeous! …
    you look gorgeous! you really do…


  • Superbunny991:

    now i’m writing a …
    now i’m writing a song. Actually i have a book to. I have written 8 songs. I only have lyrics to them though…. lol.

  • gayanbandara123:

    nice boobs
    nice boobs

  • Hippoluvr4:

    lol yeah she does.
    lol yeah she does.

  • freakykitty666:

    Thanx! Now I feel …
    Thanx! Now I feel like writing!

  • shay8706:

    I love your video! …
    I love your video! I feel like im a good writer eventhough im just starting out but i really cant sing or play an instrument. what advice do you have for me?


    I have showed so …
    I have showed so many people this video!! You’re gorgeous n so funny. Good luck 2 u!!! and add me as a friend already, I just now got u-tube, so I’ll be putting up a vid soon. later!! ;-)

  • rb1003:

    woow your a …
    woow your a professional you should make a band babe your great singer lol

  • rickwarriorbard:

    Hey Jen! My process …
    Hey Jen! My process of writing is kinda like yours but I’m not a good guitar player so i just sing and stuff,anyway, I’d like to know what’s the kind of person you show the new songs that you make,i have some songs here but i don’t know who can be the first person to listen and help me,I’m kinda embarrassed to show to my friends (cause i think that most of them are stupid LOL) how it was when you wasn’t a professional singer?

  • bratzdudette2016:

    you look like pink
    you look like pink

  • MyArseForHire:

    wat a babe
    wat a babe

  • Lilxcocox:

    ur really funny …
    ur really funny espeacilly ur camera stand
    ur a really good singer go x – factor(u never no)could become famous

  • jennifernew21:

    You just have to …
    You just have to keep practicing! No one is perfect from the beginning

  • mileycyrusfan15355:

    i cant write a song …
    i cant write a song )=
    i try but it stupid so maybe i should give up idk im a great singer its just i cant write songs )=

  • ncgeenen14:

    thanx i am only 12 …
    thanx i am only 12 and im touched by your music great singer

  • spiralisedcat:

    hi jennifer,you …
    hi jennifer,you have a wonderful voice and a good technique on writing,heartfelt.Keep inspiring people and if you find time come see my song “She” I wrote for someone special :D

  • keysadall:

    I really like her. …
    I really like her. She has so much inspiration to give. she proves to young people that being yourself is the way to go . i have had in the past, so many self – esteem issues that have kept me behind the wall, and she has just been so great through her songs and her words

  • xocheerroxox:

    ur a really good …
    ur a really good singer

  • madeagle79:

    Has this song been …
    Has this song been realesed ? and if so where can I find it at ?

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