Today is the official Day 1 of what I’m calling “The Songs to Write Project.” My dream and ambition when I was a teen was to write songs and sing. That was a very long time ago. (And I’m not going to say just HOW long!)

Over the years I’ve started and stopped the process of songwriting before I even got one song committed to paper or recorded. Was it lack of courage or lack of the right support and resources? Possibly both. I was recently cleaning out clothes (an excellent thing to do to spark change in one’s life, by the way) and I found a notebook with lyric ideas and fragments I started over 10 years ago!  Then last year I started this blog only to let it sit idle.

I’ve never lost my passion and desire to make music, though. I just haven’t put all the pieces together to make it happen – yet. 2010 is the year. I promise.

I am making a promise to myself to put together the pieces and produce. Produce songs, bad songs and good songs, it doesn’t really matter. As Julie Cameron says in her book, The Artist Way, “Take care of the quantity and the Universe will take care of the quality.”

I also promise you, the reader (whoever you are and for whatever reason you are reading this blog – whether it’s because you have your own buried desire to write songs or you just want to see me possibly make a spectacle of myself), I promise to write about what it’s like to go from a complete beginner as a songwriter to creating a body of work, recording and actually performing that work. I promise to write every day to share my resources, the pieces I’ve found to help me. I’ll share the challenges I’m facing, too.

How about you? Have you had a desire to start writing songs? What’s stopping you? Please comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

Tomorrow I’ll share the process I’m using and the resources I’m using.

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